Latest News and Updates
  • New site is being implemented over the next few days so there may be a few bugs and errors that will need to be fixed. Thanks for your patience ahead of time.
  • There was an issue with the mentioned restock shipment. It should now arrive by end of Aug/early Sept. I will also be placing another order that may arrive before that. These shipments will include Gold Bali.
  • There are currently several shipping issues in Indonesia:
    1. DHL is no longer accepting Kratom shipments.
    2. Indo Postal Service is back logged for at least six months.
    3. Sea cargo can take up to three months to arrive.
    4. Air cargo is slightly more expensive and is currently taking 1-2 months to arrive.
    5. Ramadan is going on in Indo for most of April.
  • (5/5/22 Update) I do have a restock shipment en-route, but it’s looking like it will arrive at the end of June/early July, therefore I may run out of some strains until I can get more stock. Sorry for the inconvenience ahead of time if that indeed ends up happening.

  • Strains that are low:
      • Typhon,
      • White Bali,
      • Sirin Blend,
      • Green Aceh,
      • Red Banjar,
      • Red Bent,
      • Red MD.
  • Some of you have inquired about your orders not shipping out on weekends. Please be aware there is a slight operational change in shipping. There will be no orders processed or shipped on weekends until further notice. This includes Express. Please place your order before 11AM EASTERN if you want your order to be shipped out same day M-F. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • I have added a video of my suppliers processing techniques and his new GMP facility to the Homepage. This is how Super Wild Green is processed.
  • Super Wild Green now available. Same lot as before: (SWG91421).
  • New credit/debit card payment option is now available! Choose the first Waave option at checkout to use them.
  • Super Wild Green is back! This batch has a whopping 2.21% Mitragynine content and 0.242% 7-OH Mitragynine! Highest percent that either myself or my supplier has seen. Very limited supplies so get it before it’s gone. (Not available with 2way or 4way splits.) https://www.hudsonvalleybotanicals.com/product/super-wild-green/
  • New strains White Hulu & Green Aceh (L) – There was a mix up on one of my recent restock shipments and I was sent the wrong stock, and a lot of it. I was able to buy the Green Aceh at a discounted price, therefor I’d like to get rid of it as soon as possible and I’m passing on the savings. 
  • Current payment options: USPS COD (Collect on Delivery), Zelle App (available through most banks websites), CashApp, Visa/Mastercard Credit/Debit Cards, Crypto & Cash/Check/Money Order in mail. 

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