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Garuda Kratom.

Your number one source for pure, straight from the source, premium kratom at an affordable price since 2017!

Domestic US Vendor located in the Hudson Valley of New York.

I have a variety of strains available with plenty of stock. Also available are 2way & 4way split KG’s along with 28g sample packs.

I’ve developed strong business relationships with several Indonesian connections that go above and beyond to offer me the best small batch stock from the wild forests of various regions (Hulu, Bali, Ketapang).

I also currently carry one of the first wild strains processed in a GMP facility in Indonesia (Super Wild Green). Due to the high standards and state of the art drying/processing techniques, it has created a lab verified strain with a whopping 2.21% Mitragynine & 0.242% 7-OH Mitragynine.

Get it while it lasts!


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