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Coffee and energy drinks aren’t the only option for people who want to boost their energy levels, awareness, and focus. Premium Garuda kratom has been used as a plant-based energy supplement for hundreds of years in many parts of the world. Just as many plant-based foods can be classed as “energy foods,” energy supplements may also help ward off fatigue and help you feel more vibrant and lively.  

Like all dietary supplements, kratom is not regulated or endorsed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, Hudson Valley Botanicals is passionate about the well-being of our customers, and we offer full transparency regarding our sourcing and the results of third-party laboratory testing related to this supplement. Anecdotal evidence supports the use of premium kratom as a supplement for the relief of symptoms like tiredness and lethargy, but individual results may vary.  

Mental stimulation, improved concentration, and enhanced clarity are also often reported by people who take this supplement. Combined with energy support, kratom may help provide additional motivation for those tackling complex projects, studying, or engaging in activities that require peak performance. 

Let’s explore this plant-based energy source and its properties in more detail to understand how this tropical herb has been used traditionally and today.   

Kratom Energy Performance 

Kratom has been used as a dietary supplement throughout Southeast Asia — including Indonesia, where we source our premium kratom — for centuries. Countries in this region have documented the use of kratom since the 1800s. Manual laborers like farmers and fishermen frequently chewed the leaves to alleviate exhaustion and support productivity levels.  

Today, proponents advocate kratom’s energy support and anecdotally report that its energy properties improve mental clarity, focus, and sense of overall well-being. The effects depend on various factors, including the strain and dosage. Premium kratom offers energizing effects at low dosages but can be more sedating at higher dosages.  

Tropical Evergreen Tree 

Kratom is indigenous to Southeast Asia, where it thrives in the heat and humidity with abundant rainfall. Throughout Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries, this tree grows anywhere from 50 to 80 feet or taller, depending on the conditions. The leaf size and concentration of both chlorophyll and alkaloids can vary depending on the level of light and other growing conditions. Research studies published by the National Library of Medicine suggest the amount of sun exposure can greatly impact the height, width, and leaf size of the kratom tree.  

Because of the various factors that can impact quality, it’s critical for consumers to source their supplements from trusted vendors. At Hudson Valley Botanicals (HVB), we perform third-party testing on all our products to ensure our customers know exactly what they are getting.  

Plant Energy 

This vibrant plant (Mitragyna speciosa) belongs to the coffee family. Like its distant coffee cousin, kratom can also have stimulating effects, but the energy boost does not come from caffeine.  

Both plants contain alkaloids, which are natural organic compounds that affect the human body in various ways. However, the coffee plant contains caffeine, an alkaloid famous for its energizing properties, while kratom’s primary alkaloids include Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, the main components believed to be responsible for its energizing support.  

Plant Based Supplement 

In low doses, this well-being supplement may help improve focus, increase vigor, and produce feelings of wellness. As with all energy supplements, it’s critical to be mindful of the dosage, purity of the product, and any health conditions that you may have. Kratom is the subject of ongoing research, and many of the people who use it report positive effects, but individual responses do vary.  

Herbal Leaf 

Not all kratom leaves work the same. Although all premium Garuda kratom can help enhance energy levels, some are better suited for the task. For example, white Maeng da, red Bali, and green Maeng da are among the strains known for their energizing properties. Additionally, some blends may offer increased targeting of specific effects like calm invigoration or balanced energy.  

Shop HVB Kratom  

At HVB, we carry an extensive selection of premium kratom sourced from growers in Indonesia and shipped to the U.S. in small batches. We carefully commission third-party laboratory testing to ensure the quality of each product. Whether you are looking for an option that supports energy, focus, or calming effects, our premium products deliver purity and the highest possible quality.  

Contact us today to learn more or visit us online to browse our selection of red, green, white, and yellow varieties.  

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


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